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Classification: Vaccum Compressed Bag
Type: Storage Bags
Use: Clothing
Applicable Space: Wardrobe
Capacity: 100ml
Pattern: Flat Type
Specification: 28*23cm
Thickness: 6 wire
Material: PA+PE
Shape: Square
Form: Rolling Type
Product: Other
Name: Vacuum Compressed Bag
Color: As the picture
Size: As the picture
Use: Clothes
Feather: Save Space, High Quality
Material: PA+PE

Specification: 1pcs
First, the method of use:
1. Open the bag, put the quilt or clothing and put it in.
2. close the bag with two-thirds of the mouth with a slide, leaving a third, opening the opening to 1/3
3. put a few quilts or clothes on the quilt and let most of the air escape from the mouth 1/3 ( use the pump friends to pay attention, this can take a lot of effort)
4. hurry and pull the remaining 1/3
5. use the slide to slide back and forth on the seal to make the bag is really closed
6. pull the dust cover on the bag, turn the pumping door in the direction of the OP, and align the door of the vacuum cleaner or pump with the door to start pumping. (People who use the pump should pay attention to it because the large bag needs to be pumped for a long time. At this time, it is not necessary to pump it all at once. The center can be stopped, and the pumping door is tightened in the OFF direction, so that the air will not go in. Waiting for rest. After the end, turn the door and continue to pump.)
7. After pumping the gas, turn the pumping door and cover the dust cover to complete the whole process.
The striking feature of the bag is that it will not leak if it is not scratched. If you accidentally scrape it and the mouth is not large, use a wide double-sided tape to put the two sides together.
Do not turn the pump door and pump it down, turn it, there is a round gasket inside, not it out !!
 Second, note:
1. Clothing and quilts must be completely dry before being placed in the bag.
2. Please do not touch the nail or needle directly to prevent damage to the bag.
3. Use feathered items in the bag, if there will be some hard thorns. When the air is discharged, the mandrel can protrude from the item to puncture the bag.
4. If the zipper can deform if bent, this will improve the performance of the seal, so try flat the bag. The small fibers or fabric attached to the zipper also reduce the seal, so use a damp cloth to wipe the zipper before pulling it up.
5. Clothing and quilts have different compression and recovery rates because they are made from different materials.

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