Silicone Soft Cat Nail Caps

XS - Kitten: (approximately 5 pounds/0.5-2.5 kg in less than 6 months)

Soft cat fingernails fit most kittens at 16 weeks of age (4 months). Some kittens can wear them before 12 weeks of age (3 months). To test, first try a cap without using an adhesive. If it looks too big, don't stick it. Nails should fit snugly like gloves. To accommodate young kittens, you can trim the bottom of the fingernail and make it smaller to accommodate your kitten's nails. A kitten of about 5 pounds/2.5 kg and/or 5 months is usually suitable for a kitten.

S - Small: (approximately 6-10 pounds for about 6 months 2.5-5.0 kg)

Some kittens of 5 months may need small size if they grow fast or large cats. Small-bone adult cats usually wear small sizes. If your cat looks smaller than a normal adult cat, choose a smaller one.

M - Medium: (about 7-15 pounds 5-7.5 kg)

Most of the average adult cats wear medium size.

L - Large: (approximately 16-20 pounds 7.5-10 kilograms)

Very large cats and big cats are dressed. For example, Maine cats are very large cats, and typically wear large cats.

Note: There is an individual difference in the size of each cat, and the size table is the average average wearing standard. It varies from cat to cat and is not absolutely paralyzed. If the cat's weight is at the demarcation point, it is recommended to choose the larger size, choose not to choose the big one. If the nail cover is a bit bigger, you can cut the opening a little and you can use it.


Material: Silicone

Product category: nail cover

style: Casual

Applicable gender: Universal

Size: S is suitable for 2.5-5.0 kg,

Color: as shown

Packing: OPP bag

Package Included:

20* pet cat scratch-proof nail cover

1* glue

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